They trust us in securing their domains and ecosystems

Proportion of non-protected domain
names against email spoofing

0 %

Average cost of a BEC attack
(Business Email Compromise)

0 $

Increase in phishing attacks targeting
organizations compared to last year

0 %

Map and score your domains

Establish a complete map of your domains and discover subdomains. Get a DNS security scoring updated in near real-time.

Implement security protocols

Upgrade your DNS security posture through the implementation of advanced protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI, MTA-STS, TLS and much more).

Analyze DMARC reports

Get advanced insights on your DMARC reports through readable charts, personalized dashboards and custom tags.

Monitor all activities

Keep an eye on your DNS entries and get alerted in case of suspicious activity on your domains or misconfigurations (including protective domains).

Are you protected against domain spoofing?

Test your domain now on our free DNS checker (

p=none or no DMARC

Anybody can create identity theft attacks
using your brand name and lead phishing
emailing campaigns.

p=quarantine or warning

You have an active DMARC policy but the receivers’ antispams will not drop spoofed
emails yet (just quarantine them).

p=reject or pass

Your domain is protected from identity theft
thanks to a DMARC policy set up to Reject.


French company and development
team, platform and data 100%
hosted in Europe by default.
dns souveraineté conformité rapidité


No personal data collected.
Forensic mode with patented
encryption method.
dns souveraineté conformité rapidité


No impact on production. Initial
implementation in less than 30 minutes
and data available within 24 hours.
dns souveraineté conformité rapidité

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