Add value to your customer email & DNS protection

During your partnership with Merox, you will be accompanied and supported by our experts on a wide range of actions and services.

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Project management

Assistance to cybersecurity, IT, DevOps, Marketing teams…

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DMARC Report

Assistance in reading and understanding DMARC reports collected, formatted and enriched by Merox to facilitate the retrieval of critical information.

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Safety advice

Merox’s messaging security policy tips will help you know how to configure your customers domains and ease security anxieties.

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Follow-up and assistance

Receive advice on the latest RFCs and assistance in drafting a messaging PSSI (large group template…) and stay up to date on your compliance.

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E-mail deliverability

The advice of our vulnerability experts will help improve the security and deliverability of emails (messaging, transactional, marketing…)

Types of partnerships

Find the perfect partnership for your needs.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Full autonomy on sales and license management.
POC license available.

Value-Added Reseller

Not yet ready to join our MSSP program?
Start with our simple VAR model.

The advantages you get by partnering up with Merox

Thanks to your merox portal access, you have access to the licenses of all your customers. Merox offers you a complete autonomy on your sales and follow-up with a support on demand.

All-in one platform for domain compliance and technical protocol implementation support

Multi-tenant solution (customer and partner portal)

Speed of implementation (<30 minutes)

100% European hosting and development

Distributed through a network of certified partners

100% ‘SPOF PROOF’ architecture. No delegation of control needed

Why partner with Merox?

In the world, only 8% of organizations have correctly activated DMARC on their domains. In France, that number drops to only 5%.

Even when DMARC is implemented, it remains difficult to set up and especially to maintain over time.
Partner with us.

  • Lack of implementation = Market opportunity
  • Attractive margin
  • Reccurence, service addition
  • Resell VMC Certificates to your customers
  • Financial support for co-marketing actions
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 support (FR/EN)
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